Livetrack -tracking service

Our system automatically sends you an email when our warehouse receives a shipment for you. In the email, there is an active tracking link that will show you the latest status of your shipment. Open an example link here.

You will receive a login and password when you register your own warehouse address / customer ID# with us. With this login info you can log in to our live track service.

The Live track service will provide you the latest updated status of all your shipments that are in our system. (ie. arriving, on hand, in process etc.)



cargo status img


Different icons / colors indicate the status of your shipment


Cargo calculator:

Car / motorcycle shipments:

You can calculate a shipping quote by using our online cargo calculator. You will get a total cost break down (inland transportation, ocean freight, insurance). You can make a booking directly from the calculator by clicking "Open order form" -button.  Once you have submitted your booking we will contact you shortly.


Commercial cargo shipping:

ATTN!  Hal-Mari International Logistics does not handle inland transportation for small shipment in the U.S. or does not sell any products.

In order to start using our cargo shipping service you need to register your own warehouse address / customer ID#. Create yours HERE.

Many times, online retailers offer free or very reasonable shipping costs to a U.S. address. If the seller is unable to deliver oversized or heavy shipments we can assist. Please contact your sales person or customer service. Order goods online and use your warehouse address as your shipping address; we will receive your order to our warehouse and ship it to you in an ocean container.


Your own warehouse address will be:


Eric Example
ATTN:123456    (usually you can input this in the ATTN- or secondary address line of the order form)
9122 Telephone Rd.
Houston, TX, 77075
TEL: +1 713 644 0444


If your personal information changes, please contact our customer service at:


To cargo calculator


Once cargo arrives to destination agent

The agent will contact you directly when your goods are available and ready.

Our agents are located:

- Rotterdam

- Bremenhaven

- Le Havre

- Southampton

- Antwerp

- Gothenburg / Stockholm / Helsingborg

- Oslo

- Helsinki / Kotka